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Meet Alma Feldpausch | Why I SME

November 14, 2022

Hear from Alma Feldpausch, a principal toxicologist and risk assessor with Ramboll Consulting based in the Seattle, Washington area. Her unique career helps the industry gain a better understanding of where the human health piece fits into the broader context of what different mining companies are facing, whether they’re in that operational phase or they’re in the planning phase, or if they’re at the end of their lifecycle and looking at reclamation and closure.

“My goal is to provide some transparency around what potential impacts mines might be having on the environment and how that translates into possible exposures to people’s health. So being very clear about what’s happening and then what is being done to minimize or mitigate those potential exposures and then how that translates into risk. I think it’s very empowering for people to have a clear understanding of that and be able to make their own decisions about what they are or aren’t comfortable doing in many cases.” – Alma Feldpausch.