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Entering a New Super Cycle for Metals Without the Workforce to Maximize the Moment

Geopolitical tensions and trade sanctions have disrupted global trade. As a result, countries as well as large multinational companies are beginning to scramble for metals. The energy transformation is adding to the demand for secure, and in many cases, in-country sources of supply. Compounding our ability to scale up to meet this increased demand is the shortage of graduates looking to work in exploration, mining, and processing. How can we attract individuals to this industry?

Hecla’s Commitment to Innovation Transforms Mining at the United States’ Deepest Mine

Hecla has been mining for more than 130 years making innovations both large and small. The most recent large innovation manages the seismicity at the United States’ deepest underground mine with a new patent-pending mining method called Underhand Closed Bench. As a result, the 80-year-old Lucky Friday mine is mining the most tons and will produce the most silver ounces in its history. This presentation will tell how Hecla approaches innovation and how the new method works.

Embracing ESG to Build Trust in Mining Investments – A Panel Discussion

ESG – environmental, social, and governance – and the issues it encompasses has come to the forefront of the mining industry. External influencers such as institutional investors are demanding increased attention on ESG drivers and looking beyond financial performance, while insurance companies also consider ESG performance in their coverage pricing and terms. This panel discussion dives into these issues from the perspectives of the mining, investment, and insurance communities.