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Meet Andrea Brickery | Why I SME - AUDIO

Episode 4 | Season 1  The mining industry is more diverse, and holds more opportunity, than most of us realize. Today, many of those opportunities come as a result of incredible advances in technology. Learn more from a SME member about the careers available to those interested in using data science to transform the field of metallurgy in this member profile.

Meet Cory Stevens | Why I SME

Episode 3 | Season 1  Mining has come a long way since the days of shovels and pickaxes. Now companies are innovating and experimenting with drones underground and automated vehicles to haul goods to the surface. Join us as we delve into the innovations making up the mining industry. Find out more about the mining the new and innovative careers available in mining from a SME member in this member profile.

Meet Emily Hendrickson | Why I SME - AUDIO

The local community is not all the same and neither is their relationship with the mining company. By initiating open, transparent, and sometimes challenging conversations, mining companies are identifying meaningful ways to involve and give back to the communities they work in. Learn more from a SME member about careers in community relations and how you can be a part of building bridges to ensure responsible mining in this member profile. Part of the docuseries, Jobs of Tomorrow, Ep 2, Season1

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